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  Founded in 1956, Wuxi Standard Fasteners Factory Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing high-strength fasteners. Our company has been producing fasteners in Metric, British and American system in accordance with such various standards as China’s national standard, industry standard, ASME/ANSI standard and Deutsche Industrial Norm (DIN), etc. We are also designing and producing customized fasteners to satisfy our clients’ individual needs. As far as the materials of our products are concerned...
· Thread international American...
· Screw stud stud
· Six angle six angle bolt
· Nut
· Screw nut
· Non-standard parts
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SINOPEC Engineering Inc. (SEI)
TECHNIP Tianchen Engineering
Co., Ltd.
BP Zhuhai Chemical Co., Ltd.
CNOOC-FD Co., Ltd.
DOW Chemical Co., Ltd. Of USA
(Japan) CHIYODA Corporation
Xi’an Nordex Wind Turbine Co., Ltd.
Tel:(86)510-88550118 Fax:(86)510-88551809 Sales:(86)510-88551228 Add: No.225,Xitai Road,Newly Development Zone(Mei Cun),Wuxi,China E-mail:xibiao@xibiao.cn
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